Spy Thriller Trilogy: book one rewrite

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New Spy Thriller Trilogy: book one rewrite

Spy Thriller Trilogy
Spy Thriller Trilogy

Just a few weeks before I finish the latest rewrite of my spy thriller trilogy (working on title). My daily goal is 20 pages. Though as life tends to poke its head in my writing space and interrupt, I achieve this target 80% of the time – not too bad. Try writing a death scene while plaiting your daughter’s hair: both hair and scene gets tangled. Then, it will be some months before it is released (also must have my coffee that chews up a few hours per week, but that’s strictly hands-off, I need this stuff). Undoubtably changes will be made once I reread it-sharpen the words and chisel to a tight focus-and then it’s off to be edited for gaps, inconsistencies, spelling and grammar, etcetera etcetera (?). The book cover I’m having huge amounts of fun mucking about with. I’m using GIMP, an excellent image manipulation program, which is free for iMac. Not sure if I’ll end up paying for a professional designer to do this, it has already chewed up a lot of time with little to show (my problem, not ‘the Gimp!’).

I’ve looked at Kindle publishing. The Scout program specifically interests me, though to hand over rights for five years seems a long distance relationship that’s fraught with separation anxieties and hardships-I know I’ll be faithful…More homework is required as other authors and commentators praise the idea. Maybe it’s a good idea for first-timers. To have the book reviewed prior to publishing is one thing I especially like.

Go to go, coffee-she’s a call’n.