Writing with Diversity LGBTQ isn't a BLT Sandwich

Writing with Diversity: LGBTQ isn’t a BLT Sandwich

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What’s wrong with the Rainbow? Society has gone down a path where it thinks it’s a good idea to classify everyone to such a degree we lose sight of the one principle that drove the quest for acceptance in the first place, equality. You can only carve up a person so much before they’re lost in the classifications.

I’m not a bigot, I’m not homophobic, and I don’t care what shade your skin is. My thoughts on social issues are not low-hanging fruit. I know LGBTQ isn’t a BLT sandwich. And I’m friends with an Englishman who likes his toast done on one side.

How your sex is orientated, whether you’re more the cigar-smoking, bench-pressing Austrian male, or the less masculine whimsy type who swings with the wind (yes, I know I’m stereotyping. So I can be accused of being lazy.) is of no one’s concern but you. Fluid? No problem, take your time, no one said you have to work to some arbitrarily imposed timetable. What matters, and what has always mattered is the kind of person you are.

We live in liberating times, embrace who you are. Explore and experiment, you only have one go on the ride of life so be true to yourself. Who you choose to marry, or not, is of no concern to anyone, no government or institution (the Church gets a free pass on this one. It is legally allowed to be an arse*$&^). We’re all in this one big melting pot of a planetary experience together.

However, the number of identifiers are exploding to a point where society risks classifying people down to the type of DNA structure. Wasn’t the whole idea about everyone being equal more about the similarities we share? Everyone is different, and yes, not everyone is treated the same. There will always be a minority of people who are intolerant, and the rainbow is a great social icon of equality to help combat hatred. A simple, yet effective image easily understood. However when society wars over the toilet there’s a problem. It shouldn’t be hard. If you need to go, go.

From rainbows to BLT’s

I watched a discussion panel on Ireland’s campaign to legalise same-sex marriage. A campaigner  was telling a story about a politician he was advising who supported equal rights. The politician–the name was withheld for fear of embarrassment–told him he supported the BLT community. Nice sentiment, but inhere lies the problem: what unites, divides.

LGBT,  LGBTQ or LGBTQ+ and to be completely thorough; I have to use brackets to completely encapsulate it (“LGBTTTQQIAA + pansexual + Agender + Gender Queen + Bigender + Pangender”). Surely an initialism designed by committee. According to the LGBTQ community I’m an Ally, not a decent, tolerant human being, but Ally.

So is writing with diversity more difficult?

No. Before WC signs looked liked alien hieroglyphics, the toilet was just.. well, just a place you could sit and read a magazine and listen to Kenny G and instrumentals of Barry Manilow songs as you went about your business. Now it’s become a battle ground. As kids we tried to see how far up the wall we could pee. Court cases, really?

My flag is white because I’m surrendering. I’m writing as diverse as shared toilets. Not sure about Ally, I’m more your ‘XY YY XX tolerant non-dominant chromosomal unbiased melanin deficient follicly challenged hominidae homo sapien vertebrate.’



Writing with Diversity: LGBTQ isn't a BLT Sandwich
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Writing with Diversity: LGBTQ isn't a BLT Sandwich
Society has gone down a path where it thinks it’s a good idea to classify everyone to such a degree we lose sight of the one principle that drove the quest for acceptance in the first place, equality.
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