How good were the good old days?

How Good Were the Good Old Days?

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Not long ago I read “One Summer: America 1927” by Bill Bryson; quite a long book, it is 600 pages of facts and stories of the boom time before the stock market crash and Great Depression. A time of relative peace and incredible wealth. What’s surprising is how many historically significant events are sandwiched between January and December. It got me thinking. And one question kept coming up…

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secrets to writing conflict

Secrets to Writing Conflict

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Revenge or hatred, fear or greed, whatever the catalyst, conflict is at the heart of any story. It is a necessary ingredient to drive your story forward. Take, for example, seeking revenge over a great whale that took part of Ahab’s leg, or the frustration a detective feels as a serial killer gets his hands on another victim. The secrets to writing conflict involve understanding where conflict arises and to build a level of suspense that ultimately resolves the conflict.

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