Book Cover Idea

I thought I'd get a mockup done of the first book in the Quantum series while waiting for the proper cover from a friend, and feedback from my valuable beta readers.

It isn't what I had in mind, but it's a start. It has taught me how differently people interpret information than what I anticipated. A valuable lesson to learn. I'm sure that's a different way of saying don't assume anything.

The first in the series, Byzantine Candor, is out soon.

The Second and Third Books

Most of the second book has already been written. I will have to go through a few edits and rewrites before I publish. There's also the question over the name. But what I'm really excited about is the ending in the third book. It's a complete mystery to me at this stage. 


The inspiration for the Quantum series came from online computer games and the technology that enables gamers to chat with one another over the internet. It got me thinking about how deep the NSA's internet surveillance program goes. Do agencies like the CIA and the NSA eavesdrop on PS4 and XBox users? 

That was the initial spark for the story. It quickly expanded to involve multiple government agencies, cyber warfare, the political tension between the US, China and North Korea, and the international struggle to control a new technology that will change the balance of world power.


For Quantum, it involves looking up specific stuff: objects like the types of cars police use, military planes and weapons, and the structure of government organisations (my web history must look frightening). Plus the locations the three books are located in. This is all designed to make a believable story, believable. And there's the local environment to think about, the season, mundane issues a character comes across like local haunts, a neighbour's dog etc.

But on specific detail you have to reach beyond yourself and talk to experts. And that's where I find myself. I am excited to be involved in a discussion on the technical aspect of the book with the scientific community. What a wonderful collection of imaginative and technically gifted individuals. This is getting exciting!